Saturday, August 31, 2013

New bicolored beach crochet skirt

After midi dress it's remained some yarn and as I liked this yarn and I had a time in august I made a new skirt from it.
Crocheting I understood that the yarn it's not enough)) So I added the cotton ecru one which remained from the last year( I wrote about this dress here) . This is the result - bicolored beach skirt, very light and comfortable, flying on the wind.
You can buy the pattern for this skirt on my Etsy site

crochet beach skirtcrochet skirtcrochet beach skirt

beach skirt

Friday, August 30, 2013

Midi crochet dress

After beach dress i made before in spring, arrived a time to crochet a new dress for summer evenings. Dress to the knee I made in 2012, so I decided crochet a maxi dress.
Initially, I loved the dress from Anna Kosturova, I even started to crochet it. 

But the after made about 30 cm I realized that I do not like uniformity of the it, because all the dress from top to bottom has one pattern.
After that, I found an amazing dress " Enchanted " from Olia SexyCrochet. Here's a link to the site

The original dress is made from a cotton/silk blend of light beige color. Last year I crocheted a beige dress, so this year I decided to make it a chocolate brown. I made the thread from two silk threads and one viscose. The result was a light, pleasant to touch and cool yarn.
In the process of crocheting the Free People dress with fringe from knee down to one's ankles caught my eye, and I decided to change the original idea of ​​maxi dress.

After finished the dress at the level of knee, I tied a few bundles of fringe. Evaluating the general view in the mirror, I realized that I like it is with th midi length) without fringe) especially because lately I love this length.
In general, it was the longest my project, because I started to the professional course and it was time-consuming. Then I crochet out the first dress, made ​​a mistake in the pattern, recrocheted the neck (as it was too high) - a lot of things ). In total, I was crocheting it about 3 months! But I think the result turned out very beautiful )

The scheme for the dress you find here
Circle motif:

 Half-circle motif between circles:

Main motif of the top:
Motif for the center of the top

Motif for the bottom

To make the bottom of the dress larger you should increase the hook, this pattern unfortunately can't be modified.

This dress is not for beginners, but for more experienced crocheters.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Candle holder from glass jar and doilies

Today I'll show you how to make a beautiful candle holder from glass jar and crochet doilies. It needs a minimum of time and materials as you can see. And this is another way to use crocheted doilies.

You will need:
- Glass Jar (I took one from yogurt)
- 2-3 small crochet doilies 
- Ribbon, cord - everything you prefer to decorate the jar's top
- Glue in spray (you can use also not in spray, but it's more convenient and easier to use)

So, let's begin.
Lay the paper on a work surface and place the doily, face down. Apply the glue uniformly on the doily.

Take doily with care and attach it to the jar, stretching to avoid folds and positioning pattern uniformly. I used two bigger doilies and two smaller cuted out from an old tablecloth.

You can attach doilies as you like - covering all jar, or just one part, or use a rectangular doily and glue it on the bottom of the jar.

Attached all doilies, we have to decorate the top of the jar. I used the organza ribbon, but you can decorate with any ribbon or cord so on.

Tie a bow, put a candle inside and enjoy a romantic evening!


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