Monday, January 31, 2011

Again! Again! Again! Etsy Front Page!

These days I was in Murmansk to visit my friends and relatives. And of course I almost didn't have a time to Etsy :) It was surprise for me when I was featured saturday on Etsy Front Page. But I was more surprised when I returned today in Saint Petersburg. I opened My email and found other notification! Yestarday evening I was featured again on Etsy Front Page!
This is amazing treasury collection named "Love! Love! Love!" and as you can understand from the name It's dedicated for love. Nikacollection included there my Grey leather pendant with mouse charm from my Katrinshine shop.
Thank you nikacollection and congrats other featured.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Turquoise earrings and pendant

I miss summer turquoise sky and warm sun. But I see only grey and white colors of winter around. So I took turquoise brightly leather and make this set. When I look at it my mood lift and I remember that spring is around a corner. And after spring is coming summer... 
This set can be combined with almost all colors in clothing, as dark as light, It's hot at any time of year. You can see how it fit with white t-shirt. 
Earrings seem rays that arrived from turquoise summer sky. 

Turquoise leather flower pendant

Turquoise leather flower earrings

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today I was on Etsy Front Page

Today My leather pendant was featured on Etsy Front Page! It was very soft and femmine treasury collection "There's still a Light" made by Beautyspot. Polina included my White leather pendant in this beautiful collection in light colors. Thank you Polina and congrats other featured!


Friday, January 28, 2011

New red leather earrings for Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day colors are red - the color of passion and sensuality, and white - the color of innocence and purity. That's why  the best gift for valentine's day is something red or white: earrings, necklace, pendant...  
Red also is on the crest of the moda. You can see it everywhere - in the collections of clothing and footwear, accessories and interiors. Red - the most dangerous and at the same time the most alluring of all the colors of the rainbow. 
Some days ago I wrote about new Red fabric necklace PASSION. Today I present Red leather earrings and Dark red leather earrings.
It will be unique and irrepetible gift!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New fabric necklace

For many time I didn't create new fabric necklaces. But in the december I bought two new fabrics - grey atlas and red atlas. With one of this I already made the necklace. Today I present it for you: Red fabric necklace. It could be perfect gift for Valentine's day as it's red. Red is the color of passion, love and anger.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pendant with mouse charm

I found this little mouse charm though my supplies. I askes myself - What I can create with this? This is result - Grey leather Pendant with mouse charm. It is very simple pendant - only light grey leather circle and mouse charm. Isn't it beautiful and stylish? It great to wear with simple blouse or T-shirt, cord or chain. I think It will be perfect addition to casual or urban outfit. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New leather earrings

This is a new model I created of leather earrings. They are a little bigger than before, with black border and a little black charm made from a vintage bead in the center. I made it in two colors: Grey leather earrings and Orange leather earrings. Grey and black, Orange and black - I like this color combinations. These earrings are simple and beautiful and add style to your spring ourfits!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Leather Moustache keychain

Haven't you heard? Mustaches are the latest must-have accessory! It comes into a style now. That’s why I present you new leather accessory – Moustache keychain. If you don’t have the moustache – this keychain is for you! It will be the perfect key organizer and will make a unique yet practical gift for any occasion. I made it in two colors: Brown keychain and Ivory keychain.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Organza flowers bobby pins

My new creations - Purple and turquoise organza bobby pins and Pink and turquoise organza bobby pins.

These bobby pins with organza flowers are the perfect ble
nd of function and fashion. Shimmery shades of organza make these bobby pins fascinating for our daughters. It shines and shimmers, changing color depending on the angle of illumination. These flowers will give a spring mood even in the cold winter.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New ochre leather brooch with my favorite cowl

Before there were strict rules of wearing brooch: a large brooch is for clasp the collar, a small brooch was attached in the left ten inches below the shoulder and two inches above the buttons.
Now we can wear a brooch on the scarf, hat, belt, purse, in your hair, etc. The brooch can be attached not only on the dress or the
lapel of the jacket, but also on a sweater, shirt and even on a skirt. With this accessory you can make perfect accent to any scarve.

This is my new creation - Ochre leather brooch with black borders and my favorite cowl:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Moustache leather pendant

If you do want a moustache, you don't have to grow one, you can simply wear Moustache leather pendant! No need to look to a man for it now! It is just really quirky, cool and looks stylish. This pendant it's truly fashionable.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today My collage sheet was featured on Etsy Front Page

Finally one of my collage sheets was featured on Etsy Front Page. Treasury collection "Getaway... Vacation time" was created by dreamyvintage. This treasury is amazing collection inspired by winter vacations. She featured my digital collage sheet with Sea Shells.
We all miss the hot, sun and beach in the winter. Enjoy this summer collection:

Thank you dreamyvintage and congrats other featured!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leather flowers bobby pins

Today I present you new bobby pins with cerise leather flowers, yellow-green flowers and ice blue flowers.

These bobby pins with leather flowers are the perfect blend of function and fashion. Leather accessories always are very expressive and stylish. Pa
ir these bobby pins together, or sweep your bangs back with one placed creatively in your hair or your little ones. I think these bobby pins are perfect for any occasion, any day, any gal!!! It will be great gift to a daughter!

Deep red Shoe clips

Today I present you Deep red shoe clips.

If you have a favorite pair of practical shoes which you ann
oy almost. Or, this night you want to go to a party, but don’t have a time to go home and change. Or maybe you just have to cut the monthly money for shopping and you do not want someone notice it. In such cases shoe clips come to help you! They turn even the usual ballerine into exquisite evening shoes. In the morning after a fun party, you can remove shoe clips, and your casual shoes are with you again!
Shoe clips you may wear as a brooch, or as a clothin
g accessory. Deep red color goes well not only with the red shoes, but with shoes in shades of gray and black.

New video with my bags

I created other new video with my quilted bags. I hope you will like it:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New video with my creations

I created new video with my creations. I hope you will like it:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exploring Italy - Matera, Basilicata

Today is Sunday, Jan 2, and we didn’t want to stay at home. We decided to make a trip to Matera where we've been going to from long time.

This town is not big and it’s placed in 150 km from Brindisi in Basilicata region. Matera is listed in 1993, in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. World fame was brought to it’s old house-caves, carved directly into the rocks. These rock structures are called the Sassi (Stones). The oldest of them have about 7000 years. In a new caves there are churches, some of which age date to the VI century. In some churches remained intact frescoes dated to the XI-XII century. Many famous directors made their films here, including the film of Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ".

Up to 1950 those caves were habited by people. You will not believe it, but there were lived about 15,000 people, the half of the population of the city! They had no sanitation, and the water was collected in a stone tank during the rain.

Currently, Matera consists of two parts: a modern
upper town and a historical low town, which is called Sassi. Going down to the old city, you come like in a different world. Beautiful view of the low town:
This is view of the most an
cient rock caves from the low town. They abandoned long time ago and placed on the other side of river.

Here is one of the abandoned house-caves:

Here's another one:

This house is kept intact as a museum. House par
tially caveted in the rock, partially built. In this small accommodation has lived a family of 11 persons: two adults and 9 children, with all domestic scrap. Animals lived in the same room in the corner.
This is kitchen:
You think, where they all sleept? Adults with one/two of smallest children sleept in the b
At night, the bottom drawer dresser and a chest for storage of food were turned into beds.
On this little bed slept another baby:

Matera in miniature:

Piazza del Sedile (Sedile square) in upper town:

After the walk we were hun
gry and went to find agriturismo, a restaurant-ferm in the nature near the city. This is a magnificent panorama of fields around the town:

We didn’t find agriturismo, but in the neighboring town Altamura we tumble on such a beautiful little restaurant. Many years ago, it
was a church. Owner told that it was built in the XV century, but from the original church now you can see only two small frescoes.

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