Monday, May 12, 2014

Flowers for Mother's day

Nice peony flowers for Mother's day greeting card

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring blooming tree

I saw this tree during our trekking in Basilicata

Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring photo shooting with yellow upcycled t-shirts

Finally after a long period of raining and cold wind the sun smile to us. I gives a happyness to me because I had a lot of new t-shirts to shoot. So first day the sun emerged out of the clouds I took my camera, my husband and we went to the nice blooming field full of white and yellow camomiles, red poppies and oter flowers. I made a flower crown. Oh... I forgot how to make it from my childhood so It was desintegrating continuously. I had to adjust it after every few photos)) But the result is nice, isn't it?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crochet strawberry DIY

Last time I absolutely don't have a time ro write new posts so I ask my friends who want to write it for me)) So today I share with you this wonderful and simple DIY by MiracleFromThreads 

Crochet strawberries
In spring and summer we especially want bright colors and delicious berries. And if these colors are always bright, it is especially nice.
I want to tell you how to make delicious juicy bright strawberries for your home decor.
I can not tell how it explained in the books, I'm going to explain how I do it.
You will need a green, red and light yellow yarn, appropriate hook and wooden beads (resin ones are going well too).
How to make a crochet ball you can read also in other my post  so here I show only pictures. If you need explanations, go and read here.
Take red yarn and make a ball,  make the pointed end.

Then we crochet small leafs of the strawberry.
Begin from the other end of he ball where you don't have the pointed end. Introduce the hook, grab green thread and draw out making the loop. Make 4 chains. Attach with the crochet to the red berry, then make 2 half DC and 1 DC. Attach the leaf into the base of our berry. So, Your first leaf is ready. 

Make 5 leaves, you should have a circle of leaves. Make 3-4 crochet over the hole to cover it. Then make a 5 chains. Cut the thread and hold out it.

with the yellow thread embroidery corns over the red strawberry.

Remove all of the thread tails. 
Your strawberry is ready! 

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