Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tutorial - Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back

As I wrote before here: Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back I sewn a doily as appliqué on the back of the top. So today I show it step by step so you can make it at home and have a absolutely unique top. You can decorate also t-shirt.
The doily should be neither too small nor too big. Put it in the center of the back and draw  a circle with a chalk. Circle should be smaller than doily about 1 cm/0.4" from every edge, it's necessary for the seam allowance.

Cut out a circle from the back of the top.

Then cuff inside the edge by about 0.7-1 cm/0.3-0.4" and pin the napkin.

Baste it.

After that, sew from the back on the sewing machine with zig-zag stitch with the largest width of the stitch. Zig-zag finish the edge of the top and it is not unknit. Control the sew and cut out superfluous fabric.

Here's the result:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back

A month ago I've bought colorful doilies on local flea market. First I thinked to sell them as they are. But after that one idea crossed my mind: to buy colorful tanks and sew a doily as appliqué on the back. I visited a few teenagers brands' shops and found white, lime green, orange, yellow nad light brown tanks. Here is the result:

After that I thinked that will be great to make a whole crochet back of thetank. After sewing skirts from vintage crochet tableclothes a few pieces remains. Of course, I never throw nothing)) So I had a red and blue piece and big pink rectangular doily. I matched a trim to sew round the neck and scye. 

The last one is with blue hand dyed tablecloth border. 

All of them are absolutely unique!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Art Bead Palette :: MayaHoney

Katerina from MayaHoney is my friend and I admire her work. Her beads (and photography!) are fantastic, and I love the colors oh so much. I found this article in Internet and was so fascinated by combination of photos with beads and color pallettes that I decided to post them on my blog.

Found on> Artbeadscene

Monday, June 17, 2013

Peony beauty

I always try to find a time now to make new photos so I present today photos I called "Peony beauty"
Only once I found and bought peonies, unfortunately, otherwise I would bought them every week. They are absolutely amazing!

 A cup of tea?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wooden ship in Brindisi

Recently in Brindisi popped in an unusual guest: wooden ship "St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow."
 Built in Petrozavodsk and based on old drawings, three-masted ship is a replica of the 17th century seacoast rook. All the details - from Horns to the tiller - made ​​in the style and technology of pre-Petrine era.
The ship is made of oak and the Karelian pine, has three masts with square-rigged and diesel motor. Length is 16 meters. Pomors on such barges plied all the North Sea.

A man who was on board, immediately disappeared inside, as soon as I approached the camera. Weather was also not so good.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Crochet beach wrap hand died skirts Upcycled from vintage tablecloth

I made new beach skirts upcycled from vintage crochet tableclothes. This time after buying I found some spots on two tableclothes. One idead come into my mind and I realized it - I hand died them! One in bright blue color and other in red. So these skirts are complitely unique!
They are delightfully soft, light and comfortable skirts. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring inspiration

I have always been inspired by nature. And you? I can't say that one season I like more than others - each has its own beauty, its colors, its charm.

Today I'll show you the spring in Southern Italy. I love it for the rave of colors of flowers in the fields, for the fresh wind, for still empty golden beaches, where you can see traces of the animals and birds on the sand...

My latest collection of jewelery called Pastel Shades, and it is dedicated to the colors of the spring.

After Easter in Italy is traditionally a day off, which is all carried out in the nature, picnics. We also went to a wonderful place called Porto Selvaggio, on the way we stopped at a place with beaches, surrounded by dunes Spiaggiabella.

Thus, we begin the journey in the spring ...

Footprints of birds on the sand
cream beige bracelet
The blue sea

blue necklace

The blue sky
blue earrings
Flowering peach tree

First delicate flowers under the olive trees
light brown necklace

pink earrings

lavender necklace

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Negroamaro Winefestival

Today is the last day of the Negroamaro Winefestival. And finally I found the time to edit the photos that I took the first day of the festival :)

It's the second year of renewed Negroamaro Winefestival. Wine, olive oil, cheeses, cold cuts and a variety of local edible goods producers arrive from all the Puglia region. This year there are more than 100 exhibitors.

Every day from Friday till Tuesday (today) from 7 pm until late at night many people walked in the city center drinking, eating, dancing etc…
If you want you can just walk but  you should buy the ticket to taste delicious food . This ticket include drinks and foods or only drinks. Also you receive wine glass with special small bag-pocket to hang the glass on the neck.
I arrived early to take the picture of the main entrance, while there isn't a crowd. Of course the entrance has only decorative function)

We taste out first wine. It’s prosecco, Italian sparkling wine, good for begin the evening.

Each exhibitor tries to accentuate his stand and to attract people.

Usually olive oil is tryed on a piece of homemade bread, but you can ask to pour oil into a small cup.

This man has so good salami that we took two pieces)

Cute cheese decorations 

Traditional focaccia of Brindisi called Puddica:

The sausages were absolutely delicious ...

Porchetta, pronounced "por-ketta," is an Italian specialty of slow-roasted suckling pig.

This was cooking show. I arrived early so he cooked octopus:

but after that when was too dark to make photos he cooked pasta with seafood and this was SHOW-COOKING) I put video from my cell phone. He cooked spaghetti in 120cm pan!

Two little girls taking pieces was saying "I'm a little piranha" ;)

You can have just a taste of everything without ticket, but with it you will have a big plate of what you liked)

Our second or... glass of wine :)

There was also homemade beer for who doesn't like wine:

After all you could take sweet or fruits:


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