Saturday, January 8, 2011

New ochre leather brooch with my favorite cowl

Before there were strict rules of wearing brooch: a large brooch is for clasp the collar, a small brooch was attached in the left ten inches below the shoulder and two inches above the buttons.
Now we can wear a brooch on the scarf, hat, belt, purse, in your hair, etc. The brooch can be attached not only on the dress or the
lapel of the jacket, but also on a sweater, shirt and even on a skirt. With this accessory you can make perfect accent to any scarve.

This is my new creation - Ochre leather brooch with black borders and my favorite cowl:

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irina said...


Very nice!!



Arctida said...

Beautiful brooch and great pics!

IrinaN said...

Great pics!

rizalaYa said...

Great brooch!

Anonymous said...

oh! so beautiful brooch! and very nice pics!)

SocksAndMittens said...

Gorgeous brooch, as always


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