Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Earrings from metallic leather

About month ago I finally made new circle leather earrings from wonderful metallic leather I bought this spring. I have 5-6 colors of this leather and all are so beautiful especially when shine on the sun! Simple design of the earrings allow to wear them with different type outfits: urban, jeans, casual and also classic. They are light and very comfort to wear.

My favorite is pair of Grey metallic leather earrings, maybe because last time I like elegant grey color:

My second favorite is Brown metallic leather earrings:

I like also Bronze leather earrings because this color is so warm and remember me about autumn leaves:

Cream leather earrings are wonderful for wedding for bride or briesmades:
Last pair of earrings I made from purple leather:

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IrinaN said...

Cute :)

Donna said...

Very beautiful earrings ;) Thanks discount cigarettes


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