Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Negroamaro Winefestival

Today is the last day of the Negroamaro Winefestival. And finally I found the time to edit the photos that I took the first day of the festival :)

It's the second year of renewed Negroamaro Winefestival. Wine, olive oil, cheeses, cold cuts and a variety of local edible goods producers arrive from all the Puglia region. This year there are more than 100 exhibitors.

Every day from Friday till Tuesday (today) from 7 pm until late at night many people walked in the city center drinking, eating, dancing etc…
If you want you can just walk but  you should buy the ticket to taste delicious food . This ticket include drinks and foods or only drinks. Also you receive wine glass with special small bag-pocket to hang the glass on the neck.
I arrived early to take the picture of the main entrance, while there isn't a crowd. Of course the entrance has only decorative function)

We taste out first wine. It’s prosecco, Italian sparkling wine, good for begin the evening.

Each exhibitor tries to accentuate his stand and to attract people.

Usually olive oil is tryed on a piece of homemade bread, but you can ask to pour oil into a small cup.

This man has so good salami that we took two pieces)

Cute cheese decorations 

Traditional focaccia of Brindisi called Puddica:

The sausages were absolutely delicious ...

Porchetta, pronounced "por-ketta," is an Italian specialty of slow-roasted suckling pig.

This was cooking show. I arrived early so he cooked octopus:

but after that when was too dark to make photos he cooked pasta with seafood and this was SHOW-COOKING) I put video from my cell phone. He cooked spaghetti in 120cm pan!

Two little girls taking pieces was saying "I'm a little piranha" ;)

You can have just a taste of everything without ticket, but with it you will have a big plate of what you liked)

Our second or... glass of wine :)

There was also homemade beer for who doesn't like wine:

After all you could take sweet or fruits:

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Arctida said...

Great shots! Everything looks so yummy :)

IrinaN said...

Great pics! :) I wish I was there :)


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