Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring inspiration

I have always been inspired by nature. And you? I can't say that one season I like more than others - each has its own beauty, its colors, its charm.

Today I'll show you the spring in Southern Italy. I love it for the rave of colors of flowers in the fields, for the fresh wind, for still empty golden beaches, where you can see traces of the animals and birds on the sand...

My latest collection of jewelery called Pastel Shades, and it is dedicated to the colors of the spring.

After Easter in Italy is traditionally a day off, which is all carried out in the nature, picnics. We also went to a wonderful place called Porto Selvaggio, on the way we stopped at a place with beaches, surrounded by dunes Spiaggiabella.

Thus, we begin the journey in the spring ...

Footprints of birds on the sand
cream beige bracelet
The blue sea

blue necklace

The blue sky
blue earrings
Flowering peach tree

First delicate flowers under the olive trees
light brown necklace

pink earrings

lavender necklace

4 коммент.:

GalaFilc said...

This is gorgeous! I love the soft colors and unique picks.

Unknown said...

Adorable sets of pairs, I always admire you sense of elegance and beauty!

Arctida said...

Beautiful shots and beautiful pieces of jewelry!

elettrarossa said...

ranunculus earrings are just fabulous!


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