Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back

A month ago I've bought colorful doilies on local flea market. First I thinked to sell them as they are. But after that one idea crossed my mind: to buy colorful tanks and sew a doily as appliqué on the back. I visited a few teenagers brands' shops and found white, lime green, orange, yellow nad light brown tanks. Here is the result:

After that I thinked that will be great to make a whole crochet back of thetank. After sewing skirts from vintage crochet tableclothes a few pieces remains. Of course, I never throw nothing)) So I had a red and blue piece and big pink rectangular doily. I matched a trim to sew round the neck and scye. 

The last one is with blue hand dyed tablecloth border. 

All of them are absolutely unique!

2 коммент.:

GalaFilc said...

Lovely tops!

Unknown said...

So bright, colorful and fresh looking :)))


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