Saturday, November 7, 2015

Interview with Tomka Sorokina from YaTomkaStore

Today I present you talented artist and my friend who work with polymer clay and other matherials. Her creations alwasy remind me about fairy tails, they are so airily and magic! 

-- Tell me a little about yourself

Hi,  My name is Tomka Sorokina and I live in the most beautiful place on the world near the sea with amazing nature. I love my husband and my two children, I like ice cream and rain, I like to leap over the plashes like a child... 
I like child’s books and illustrations and once I will learn to draw, I promise! But now I happy to create jewelry, teach my husband and being taught by my children. Thanks for them I discover something new in this world every day.

-- What types of items do you sell? What's your favorite material and techniques to work with?

I’m a very compulsive personality. From my childhood I always got lessons of something but after short time lose interest. But since I saw in internet polymer clay jewelry, and it was more than 7 years ago, I hold true to it. After my son was born my creations became something more for me then a simple hobby. It became a job that I like and I dedicate all my time to my shop, of course, time free from my family)

I like to work with polymer clay, mix it with glass, glaze and I always try to invent something new and creative. 
Now my favorits are bracelets with miniature flowers and handmade glass, pocket mirrors with drawing made from polymer clay and transparent butterfly wings.

I enjoy when my people like my creations. I think from this point the story of my store had a beginning. First I gifted my creations, then somebody asked me to make to order and then my shop YaTomkaStore was born. This is small shop with my creations – handmade jewelry and accessories.

-- Where do you get your inspiration?:

Every weekand me and my family we are making little trips. My junior girl is almost a year old that’s why we can’t go far but our trips are always intensive and interesting. I like a see and mountains. The nature around our town is so various that every time I find something new and it inspire me. Often I inspired by my family, my husband is my main critic and encourager. It is thanks him and his backing that I began to make polymer clay jewelry. 

The advantage of being self-employed is that I’m a law unto myself, I control my schedule. It allow me  to give as much attention to my family as they need and also much more)) I can wake up at 5 AM with new idea and began to turn it into reality… I can be awake till very late  until I won’t finish a piece and next day stay with children all day: slug in a bed, see cartoons, read books… Creativity became an essential part of my life and also if I don’t keep my tools in hands, in my head deas are tumbling about 

--  Are there other places on the net we can find you?
I have a small Etsy shop:

My Facebook page:

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