Monday, November 9, 2015

Trip to Gran Sasso of Italy in Abruzzo

In september I had a free week on work. I didn't have summer holiday so I immediately organized a trip. I like to tracking and hiking in mountains and of course Gran Sasso natural park which is the nearest to Brindisi, 5 hours by car, always attracted me. Of course, Alpes are amazing and they are the most beautiful mountains in Italy but its too far and you have to take a flight and then to rent a car to reach them.

Gran Sasso of Italy is the highest mountain in the Apennines. It situated in Abruzzo region in central Italy.  The three main summits of the Gran Sasso are Corno Grande , which at 2,912 metres is the highest peak in the Apennines, nearby Corno Piccolo and Pizzo Intermesoli, which is separated from the other two peaks by Val Maone, a deep valley.

 We decided to ascend the Gran Sasso the first day after we arrived because it was sunny day without clouds. Local people said that the weather up near summits is very instable so we used this occasion of good weather. We took the chair-lift from Prati di Tivo, with 10 minutes we arrived at altitude of 2,000 meters at place named Madonnina. 

Breathtaking landscapes around..

From Madonnina the path is going up to the refuge (I shown it with the red arrow). It's not so far, but the path is difficult and with inclination

This is the path, not the most difficult piece, so you can imagine

This is the most difficult piece

Breathtaking view

Almost arrived...

Situated below the peak of the Corno Grande is the Calderone glacier, until 2009 the southernmost known glacier in Europe; deglaciation has significantly reduced the glacier's size. Glaciologists now question whether the glacier will survive past 2020.

We decided to not go up to the pass but go all way down to the Prati di Tivo on foot without taking the chair-lift

Returning in our hotel on the way from Prati di Tivo it was a small lake. Without any wind mountains and forest reflexed in water in amazing way!

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Natalis Iolalis said...

Очень красивые виды, завидую.

Natalis Iolalis said...

шикарные горы. отлично провели время отпуска


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