Friday, November 6, 2015

Shrimps and scampi tartare italian recipe

Finally I returned after summer... I worked a lot and really didn't have a time for my blog. I'm really sorry )) But now with new breath I'm ready to write a lot of interesting articles!!

Today I present you one particular recipe - raw shrimps and scampi tartare with pink pepper and passion fruit. It's easy to make and very tasty, great for starter!  I ate this plate in one very good local restaurant and after that I tryed it at home. Now I prepare this tartare for every dinner with friends and it always has a success)

You will need:
- raw fresh scampi 
- raw fresh sea shrimps (better red ones)
- passion fruit (half of big one for every portion)
- pink pepper
- scissors

If you are going to eat raw seafood - You have to be sure that you buy from a reliable source. If you do not catch your own seafood I highly recommend that you get to know your local fishermen and fish mongers.  

You have to buy shrimps and scampi, or only shrimps, or only scampi - it depends what you find. I bought 7-10 medium shrimps and 3 medium scampi per person. To clean I use scissors. Cut the head of the scampo then the tail, and after that cut along the middle part first belly then back. In this way carapace will be devided in two parts and you can easily take the meat. In the same way but making only one cut I peel shrimps. 

When you peeled all shrimps and scampi, cut them in small parts and mix. Cut the pink pepper in half and get out the seeds. Mix the passion fruit seeds with crostacean meet and leave in refrigerator for half an hour. Put all in one plate so everybody can take or make portions on small plates, then overstrew with pink pepper.
The combination of pink pepper and passion fruit is really great and delicate. 

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