Friday, March 25, 2016

Free crochet doily patterns

I don’t know about you, but I love doilies! Especially vintage. As you know I have a shop where I sell vintage doilies, mostly hand dyed. 
Many crochet doily patterns were published by thread manufacturers in the first part of the 20th century. The designs are typically circular or oval starting from the center and worked outward. There are so many things that you can make with crochet patterns - mandalas, doilies, coasters, cushions and more.
If you are looking to add a friendly and homey touch to your home décor - crocheting a doily for decoration is a charming way to add a very personal touch. You can brighten up your home with some red, blue or other colorful doily or add an elegant touch with ornate white doily.  Sew it in the pillow or simply decorate the table.
I created this collection of free crochet doily patterns to decorate your home. There are crochet patterns for intermediate to advanced levels. 

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4 коммент.:

ReStyleGraphic said...

So many wonderful gifts in one place! These wipes are very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

pasqueflower said...

These are beautiful. You are helping to keep a nearly lost art alive.

vasantha said...

Beautiful patterns

Arctida said...

Such a great collection of patterns! I love everything crocheted! Thanks for sharing :)


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