Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crochet dress

 Spring-summer fashion season brings us a river of bright colors, the sea of neon splashes, delicate shades of the ocean and many colorful prints. But most important is that  you can dig into grandmother's trunk, because crochet dress is back in moda!

Beautiful soft hand crocheted dress makes any woman so feminine. It is soft, gentle, elegant and comfortable dress, that anyone did not want to get off.

I present you my latest creation:

This dress can be dressed to the beach party, and no one will get off eyes from you, or you can wear it with the lining and it will turn into a memorable cocktail dress. It is ideal for summer cocktail meetings, parties, romantic beach wedding. Waist is highlighted with a thin leather belt.
I choose this natural linen color, because it is the best set off tanned skin. So tomorrow I start going to the beach for not look in this dress like pale toadstool)
This beautiful dress you can order here.

I found here many advice that will help you to make this dress.
This is crochet scheme of shells motif I found on the same site:
For net follow scheme: double crochet, chain, again double crochet, chain.

I started to crochet from the waist down. Then, when the skirt is finished, from the waist up. To make dress wider in the chest you can take the bigger hook. The neck you can make any size.
When the front and back of the dress are finished, you need to sew them together through the sides and shoulders. Try dress and if you want you can remake gorge and armholes. Then crochet sleeves. Sew them to the armhole of the dress.
I bought 10 m/10.94 yd of silk ribbon and passed through all four shell lined on the skirt and on the sleeves. You can do not do it.
It's not for beginners and you will need experience to make this dress. I know that for beginners is difficult to make a decision on the crocheting a major thing, but the result is simply amazing and will surpass your expectations!

This beautiful dress you can order here.

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GalaFilc said...

very nice dress

Arctida said...

Well done! Truly gorgeous dress!

TonyaUtkina said...

amazing dress! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us!

IrinaN said...

Your dress is amazing!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Beautiful dress!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Looking good sweetie! do you wanna follow each other?:X

Unknown said...

I fell in love with this dress since I first saw it on a Ferragamo advertisement and finally I found some patterns to do it on myself! Thank You!
Can I ask you the size of the hook you used? do you used a cotton thread?
Thank you again!

Katrinshine said...

I used crochet yarn 5040m/200gr. the number of hook I don-t remember already, mayby steel hook 1.75 or 2


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