Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tank with crochet or lace back

Today I'll show you how to make a tank with lace back. You can use store bought lace, buy a big crochet doily or centerpiece or crochet it yourself.

To start, you'll need a tank of your size. I chosen a fuchsia one, because I had a piece of old tablecloth, hand dyed in fuchsia.

Then you need the right color trim, 2.5-3 cm wide (you can use tighter if you are using lace insted of crochet piece) about 3-4 feet. I boughtcotton trim, but you can buy and satin one, if you prefer.

You will need - thread, scissors, pins, needle, an iron and a sewing machine. Well, a little skill to sew.

Lay the tank on a work surface and place the lace on the top.
Then cut the lace on form the tank.
Cut off the back of the tank, leaving space 2-3 cm/ 0.8-1.2" from the seams.

Fold the trim in half, iron it - so you can more easily handle the edge with it.

Pin the trim around on armholes and neck, gently stretching the trim.
Baste it.
Sew on a machine, retreating from the edge of 1-1.5 mm/0,04-0,06", stretching the trim.

Remove the basting and iron armholes and neck, giving them a slightly rounded shape.

If necessary, fold the bottom of the lace twice and sew on the machine. I used a piece of crocheted tablecloths, so I have the bottom edge of the tablecloth and I did not have to sew it.

Then put the front of the tank and the lacy back together with the face inside, and pin the side seams and shoulders. Baste them and sew on the machine.
- On the front side, bending the seam towards the back, sew a zig-zag stitch with a maximum margin and the length of about 2 mm/0.01". 
- or: handle the seam inside with zig-zag, then reverse the tank and on the front side, bending the seam towards the back, make a normal seam.
Check the inside and cut off the excess seam allowance, which is not hit by a zig-zag.
Iron the tank.
Your wonderful tank with crochet back is ready!!!

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Unknown said...

Love how it looks! Could even do inlays of long sleeve shirts or side panels to a T-shirt.

Katrinshine said...

Jessica K, yes, I made also long sleeve t-shirts:

katia said...

super !


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