Friday, June 20, 2014

Colorful alphabet on pebbles DIY

My friend Nadya from HappyEmotions sell in her shop wonderful Alphabet Pebbles for Kids. I love them very much! It’s a fun way to teach a toddlers letters in a bright, whimsical way. 
On one of our tracking trip I found on the beach very similar stones (usually here there are only sand and seashells) . So I decided to make this alphabet to niece of my husband.

You will need

26 pebbles
Various acrylic paint colors
Paint brushes

Clear Satin Glaze

1. Wash pebbles to remove any dirt
2. Make pebbles in row to see which stone better for which letter

3. Using your paint color, paint the first letter.  Then with other colors paint all letters

4. Now we will decorate them - add polka dots onside each letter. You can outline white or yellow letter.

5. Add polka dots around each letter.
6. Spray with glaze.  Once dry, turn over and spray the back of the rock too
Your alphabet is ready)

5 коммент.:

Unknown said...

Thank you :)

ReStyleGraphic said...

Very cute decoration!

Aqvatali said...

Very cute alphabet done :)))

Eugenie said...

Such a lovely and easy to make toy! Thank you for sharing! If I have another baby, we will make pebble alphabet together.

Unknown said...

Amazing lesson for kids and moms! Intersting and very usefull also.


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