Friday, May 27, 2011

Gifts from Yury Tarler for Father's day

I found very unusual unique store on Etsy. The owner of the store is very talented artist Yury TarlerHis store filled with variety of graphics and watercolors, artworks which that show his professionalism. Besides that Yury offers wide range of gifts, house ware and clocks.

I would like to bring some attention to clocks as gifts for upcoming father’s day.

“Tango” clocks could be a great gift for fathers who admire dance. If father unable to dance, he will be pleased to recall his first “Tango” with his Lady.

“Street Light” clocks are for Chess lovers
Combination of Street Light and Chess board is very elegant and unique.
These clocks can decorate any father’s work room, office or even hallway

Old timers will appreciate “Retro” clocks.
Elegant shape of woman won’t let any dad stay unaffected 

“Lady with Glass” clocks won’t let any dad stay apathetic either.
These clocks can be great addition to the interior of home bar room.

No questions. Some dads will appreciate “New York policeman” clocks.
May be because dad is a Policeman himself.

And, not only fathers would be delighted to receive clocks with image of St.Petersburg, print from original watercolor made by Yury Tarler.

Please come to the store of Yury Tarler, you can find a lot of great items!

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IrinaN said...

Great artist :)

Fine said...

Awesome gifts!
Love it!


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