Monday, May 9, 2011

Turquoise crochet and leather ring

I created this turquoise crochet and leather ring because I charmed of this color. When I was young I always can say excactly which colors I like, but now I can't because I like all colors. Every color has a time in the live. Maybe I don't like some color now, but I know tomorrow or next month I will have different mood and I will like this color. 
When I saw turquoise thread in the shop I bought it immediately. I already made earrings and pendant from turquoise leather that's why I used this thread to create a ring for this set. I made the crochet flower center and attached it to leather flower. These two textures are very stylish together. 

I happy to write that today my turquoise crochet and leather ring was on FP! Thank you imeondesign for including it in your absolutely lovely treasury collection "You might like this (on friday)". 

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thefinaltouchideas said...

What a great day to be feature on FP.


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