Monday, May 30, 2011

My new summer hat

The last weekend was full of events. In the near town of Lecce was an exhibition “Artigianato D'Eccellenza”. The exhibition was held inside the ancient church, and this increased it’s charm. There was a lot of talented young designers and many unique creations. But I immediately was attracted by a table with a lot of hats. There were very broad hats like a Hollywood star of the 50-s, were small hats in the style of 30-ies, or simply beautiful straw hat with decorative flowers. I pulled out the first hat and fell in love. Of course, I measured a lot of others, but this was the best! I bought it immediately.

Before hats were an essential accessory for every woman. This summer after many years hats back in fashion. Nothing is more feminine than women wearing a hat.
Do you think I look like a Hollywood star?

Another event was the day of open doors of wineries. It was Sunday, we visited a few on the way to the sea and a couple returning from the beach. In next post I will write about secrets of wine producing.

6 коммент.:

Natalka Pavlysh said...

wonderful hat!

Svetlana said...

Wa-a-aw... I like this hat!

Baymut said...

Wonderful hat! Have a nice summer=)

Arctida said...

Beautiful Hat! You look like a movie star :)

IrinaN said...

Lovely hat :) And you look cute :)

AlexMOS said...

You're beautiful coquette :) Hat is just marvelous!


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