Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Italian seafood soup

As I promiced in my sunday post today I write about Zuppa di pesce - Fish soup or Italian Seafood soup. It's famouse plate of South Italy. It's easy to cook but need many ingridients.
I made these photos when we cooked Zuppa for ten persons, so, you can see many ingredients and full pan of seafood. 

For cooking Zuppa for two persons you would need:

100 ml/ 3,5 fl. Oz. - extra virgin olive oil (di oliva),
3-4 garlic cloves,
0,5 kg/17.6 oz. tomatoes
2 scampi (wild shrimps)
6 shrimps
1 small cuttlefish
10-12 black mussels (better to use the type called mussels Taranto)
15-20 clams
2 fasolari (Callista chione)
One small goosefish
One-two different small rock-fish that have intense flavor 

It's important that fish is very fresh! All mussels, clams and fasolari must be alive. Ask to control clams at the fishmarket - it can contain sand. In this case one clam will damages all plate. Crustaceans must be also very fresh. Do not use the crustaceans that have the flesh is very soft, greenish-gray.

If you use bake ware the flavor will be more intense.
Put some oil in pan. Fry garlic a little. Then put fish, and sliced cuttlefish and tomatoes. (You can put also some seafood - in this case you will need to remove it from pan together with fish)

The trick that fish must always be bathed in broth or sause. You don't need to salt because the sea fish is lready quite salty.
Remove fish from the pan after 10-15 minutes. Put all seafood in the pan. Add some chopped parsley. Stew it about 15 minutes. 

If a broth is insufficient consistency, pour a little bit of water with salt.
After 15 minutes put the fish back to the broth. 
Boil it for 1-2 minutes.

At the same time toast 3-4 pieces of bread.

Put in the plate Zuppa for serving along with toasted bread.

Buon apetito!

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OMG! That looks fantastic!!! I wish I could be there and enjoy the soup!

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