Monday, December 16, 2013

Crochet snowflakes coasters for Christmas table decor DIY

Of course, the idea is simple, but to me (and I'm crocheting snowflakes for many years), it came in mind just this year, that's it)

You will need:
  • scissors
  • Felt
  • crochet thread for number 8 or 10
  • hook (pick up to the thickness of the thread)
  • glue (if you want to stick snowflakes, the second option - to sew
Let's start with snowflakes. I used the following scheme:
I never made written crochet tutorials so I made a diagram. You can make other snowflake if you'd like. 
Here I made some photos so you can understans better:

Then pin the snowflake and iron. Do not need to stratch it.

Now cut out hexagons from felt, I cut out 4, but I think I will do some more later)

The last step - glue or sew snowflakes on hexagons. Then put for a couple of hours under a heavy book.

It's ready: 

Unusual touch for your Christmas tabe is ready!

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