Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas bow with pine cones DIY

For Shabby chic Lovers other simple and cute DIY. It takes minimum time but the result is absolutely amazing and romantic. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree or just hang it in the house. In Italy is very popular to decorate the tree with golden and red ribbon bows. I added to this idea small pine cones and it became even better!

You need 
- Christmas ribbon
- 6 small pine cones
- glue
- seed beads (optional)
- piece of yarn about 20-30 cm

Make a bow, then glue 3 pine cones in the center. Decorate space between them with seed beads. Make a bow from the yarn and sew it on the back of the ribbon bow. Then glue remaining 3 pine cones.

 Here is the result. Is it cute, isn't it?

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Arctida said...

So pretty! Love it :)


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