Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Recycled paper Christmas tree DIY

In many houses there are stores up a lot of newspapers or promotional leaflets, especially before Christmas, and often we throw them. 

What you can make with all this paper - CHRISTMAS TREE!
This amazing tree was my Pinterest discovery. I changed it a little and added some details. You can do it also with your children.

You will need:

  • a lot of paper (I cut up a thick newspaper and a couple of Christmas booklets)
  • adhesive spray
  • acrilic paint in spray (any color, I used silver one)
  • wooden skewer or long nail 
  • base (I used half of the foam ball - you can use wooden stand or polimer clay one)
  • piece of felt
  • awl
  • salt
  • Pearl dust
  • paper star
  • scissors 

You have to cut a lot of squares starting at 1" down to 6". For example, I made them from 14 cm to 3 cm. I've cut them by scissors and it took a lot of time. If you have paper cutter of course you will need less time.

First you will need to assemble a base for your tree. Base must be large enough, otherwise it will not sustain enough the weight of the paper. 

Cut the felt circle with diameter of your base. Cover the base with the paint. Then insert the skewer into the middle. When I put it in, I removed the skewer and put a little of glue into the hole and put the skewer back. So I'm sure that the skewer is secure.

Now all paper squares fold in half and then in half to determine the center. Then do the hole with the awl in the center.

Once the base is ready and paper is folded and holed, you can begin assembling your tree.
Start with the largest squares. Thread squares and turn them. ISometimes between large squares I put little one to make the tree airy. Work your way up the tree until you get to the smallest squares.

Here's mine tree, but it 's not the end.

Now cover it with a bit of paint spray. This and the next few steps, you can jump.

Then cover tree with glue spray

and before it dryes, dredge with salt. Salt perfect for the role of the snow! Shake off excess salt after glue will be dry.

Now cover again with glue and then dredge with pearl dust
Cut out two stars from the paper and glue them on top of the Christmas tree.

Here's what I got:

You can make a huge number of variations of this Christmas tree using different paper, scissors, paints or pearl dust.

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