Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday by the Ionian Sea

Today was wonderful day, warm and sunny. That’s why we decided to go to the Ionian sea (Brindisi is near Adriatic sea). It's about 40 minutes from Brindisi. 
Water was splendid and turquoise. It’s not cold already and I wet my feet. Sand was hot and gold. We passed 2 hours at the beach walking and reading. Of course I have done what I prefere at the beach – gathering of the shells.  And of course I payed for this my a little burned shoulders) I don't know where I will use these sheel but I like them very much!

In the evening we gone in the other town, Porto Cesareo, for walking and looking the sunset.

This town is very famous for fishermans and there are many fish markets. We bought many kind of small fish and the sea food to do wonderful “Zuppa di pesce” – Fish soup. This is very particular plate of our region. Today I show you some photos made in fish markets and next week I will post recipe for this famouse plate of South Italy

The sign of one fish market:


Tunnies (tunas) and other fish:

Differernt fish:


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Arctida said...

Great photos! Looks like you've had a great day! :)

Fine said...

Love it so much!!!

Katrinshine said...

Yes!! +28 C !! It's already summer)

Yana said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing! Now I'm hungry for some seafood :)

Unknown said...

wow! beautiful

SocksAndMittens said...

What a great scenery, I wish I am there. Fish market looks great, too!

IrinaN said...

O gosh! What a fish market!!!!

Nauli said...

This photos really make me jealous!

Maria Siyanko said...

suuummeeeer!!! 8))) and sun, and sea... Kate, you are so lucky!!))
fish is unreal 8)


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